Groin Sweating

Excess sweating can occur in any area of the body, and the groin is no exception. Hyperhidrosis of this area can be uncomfortable and often creates chaffing of clothes, which in turn can create skin irritation. Sweating in this area can also create problems in social and sexual relationships. Sweating in this area can be difficult to treat, however simple measures such as avoidance of skin irritants such as harsh soap can help reduce chaffing. Wearing loose clothing can also reduce irritation. The majority of patients who experience excessive sweating in the groin area will benefit from a combination of treatments including compounded anti-sweating creams, topical antiperspirants and in some cases sweat stopping treatments injections.

  • Excess sweating in the groin area can cause skin irritation due to chaffing
  • We understand that excess sweating in this area can lead to significant social embarrassment and limits what you wear
  • Wearing loose clothing can reduce skin irritation
  • Treatments include the use of special compounded creams
  • Sweat stopping treatments to this area can be successful, however must be done with extreme caution


Special compounded creams can be tailor made for patients with excessive sweating.

Hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating of the armpits can be effectively treated with Sweatfree injections.

Several tablets are available to inhibit the transmission of chemical messengers that produce sweat.


The groin area contains both eccrine (sweat glands) and apocrine glands. Excessive sweating, known as hyperhidrosis is due to stimulation of eccrine glands. Most cases of hyperhidrosis in the groin area is known as Primary Hyperhidrosis- sweating due to unknown causes.  Patients who suffer from groin sweating may also suffer from palmar or plantar hyperhidrosis. Other patients may also suffer from axillary hyperhidrosis.

Most cases of groin sweating start early in life, usually before the age of 20, however with increasing age and weight gain, this form of hyperhidrosis may worsen over time.

Excessive sweating in the groin area can be very difficult to treat. Sweat in the skin folds can lead to secondary infection, friction and skin irritation. Our specialists at the Sweat Free Clinic can recommend some simple tips to help reduce skin irritation to this area:

Replace your soaps with non-irritating washes. Good washes to try include QV Wash, aqueous cream or Hamilton’s wash. These are readily available thru most pharmacies. These washes do NOT reduce sweating in the area, but will help reduce irritation.

Wear loose clothing as this may reduce skin irritation due to excess sweat.

Try a simple antiperspirant. Most antiperspirants used in the groin area will lead to skin irritation.

Here is the truth - treating excessive groin sweating can be very difficult. The reason is that treatments such as iontophoresis, sweat stopping treatments and creams are of limited value. Tablets for excessive sweating can be tried but side effects can be seen. Driclor should be attempted, but skin irritation is common.

The Sweat Free Clinic approaches hyperhidrosis in the groin area by first initiating simple measures as outlined above.

We generally start by prescribing a very low concentration of a compounded cream. This concentration is individually prescribed, and titrated according the amount of skin irritation and side effects, versus the effectiveness of this cream. Bottom line is that we start slow, and increase according to how the patient responds.

sweat stopping treatments injections to this area can be helpful, especially if excess sweat is seen on the upper thigh and buttocks. The limiting factor of sweat stopping treatments injections is the area involved. Sweat stopping treatments can be helpful for excessive sweating around the inframammary areas (under the breast). Sweat stopping treatments injections to the groin area must be done with extreme caution, as this treatment can weaken muscles. Your specialist will inform you of the risks of this treatment.

First of all its important to try simple treatments before visiting us. This includes over the counter antiperspirants such as Driclor. Driclor is available in pharmacies throughout Australia.

Note: Most patients who have groin sweating will have some sort of skin irritation on Driclor. To minimise skin irritation, follow the application instructions below.

DRICLOR application instructions

Skin irritation in the groin area can also be reduced by swapping your soaps and washes to a simple skin care range such as QV wash, aqueous cream or Hamilton’s wash.

Sweat treatments vary according to the sweating sites, the areas involved and the type of treatments.

The most cost effective treatment is DRICLOR and we encourage all patients to try a simple antiperspirant before visiting us.  You would be surprised how much sweat reduction you may achieve with this simple over the counter antiperspirant.  Price range for simple over the counter antiperspirants $13-$19.

At the Sweat Free Clinic, our Specialists can individualise treatments for you, including prescription of anti-sweating creams. These creams are compounded prescriptions that contain substances which block sweat production. Price range for prescription creams - $45- $90. 

Iontophoresis is usually reserved for treatment of excessive sweating on the hands and feet. Treatments are simple, and free to try at the Sweat Free Clinic. We tend not to perform iontophoresis for groin sweating.

Sweat stopping treatments injections for excessive sweating is now under the PBS, this treatment is covered under Medicare for treating hyperhidrosis of the axillae (sweaty armpits). It can be used in the groin area with extreme caution, however Medicare does not provide a subsidy for this treatment.

No referrals are needed to visit us! Our clinic has a tiered structure with options to see various specialists within the centre. Your first consultation is carries an out of pocket gap fee of $25.

All sweat testing including starch iodine testing is bulk billed.

Consultant referrals within the clinic can be arranged within the clinic structure.

Dr. Davin Lim

Sweat Free Clinics

Groin hyperhidrosis and excessive sweating around this area can be debilatiting for the patient. Excess sweat can cause skin irritation, secondary infection, malodour, and has a significant bearing on the confidence of many sufferers. Most importantly, patients should try simple steps to help reduce skin irritation. These steps will NOT reduce sweating in the areas involved, but may alleviate problems secondary to hyperhidrosis.

Replacing soaps and potential irritants is the first step. Dietician review if weight loss can be achieved can reduce skin fold areas, and hence irritation.

Actual treatment of excessive sweating in the groin and private parts is very difficult. We often try a very low concentration of anti-cholinergic creams in a compounded solution. The concentration needs to be balanced as to not cause irritation to the skin, but also strong enough to work, but not too strong to cause systemic side effects. Start low, increase slowly.

Sweat stopping treatments to the areas can also be helpful, BUT used with extreme caution. Sweat stopping treatments is limited by the area involved, but importantly the structures surrounding the treated areas.  This treatment is most useful under the breast  and in on the upper thighs. This is last line treatment.vate parts and the groin areas