miraDry for
underarm sweating

miraDry for excessive armpit / underarm sweating is finally here! This is the permanent treatment for patients who suffer from axillary hyperhidrosis, or sweaty armpits. Unlike sweat stopping treatments for underarm sweating, miraDry is a permanent treatment for this condition. A treatment course consists of two miraDry sessions spaced 3 months apart. miraDry is safe, comfortable, and effective - reducing sweating by 80-90% - permanently!

miraDry’s centres of excellence are at the Sweat Free Clinic in Brisbane and Laser Dermatology in Melbourne. These clinics are Australia’s dedicated centres for the treatment of sweat disorders, including axillary hyperhidrosis. To date, we are the first centres to offer miraDry in Australia and will provide a travel subsidy for Interstate patients to enable them to benefit from this life changing procedure.

  • miraDry is the permanent solution for excessive armpit sweating
  • Sweat stopping injections are very effective, but need to be repeated every 4-6 months
  • miraDry treatment consists of two sessions spaced three months apart
  • Each session take an hour to perform
  • miraDry works by using microwave beams to heat up your sweat glands- permanently but safely destroying them
  • A special cooling device protects the upper layers of your skin during the treatment
  • miraDry patients will achieve up to 90% sweat reduction – permanently
  • Treatments are comfortable, as we use numbing cream, local anaesthetic, and if needed some mild sedation
  • Most patients can go back to work or school the very next day, as miraDry downtime is minimal



miraDry is the very latest in anti-sweating treatments for axillary hyperhidrosis (sweaty armpits). Unlike sweat stopping treatments injections, this treatment is PERMANENT, yes, you will have a permanent sweat reduction of up to 99% following two treatment cycles.

Dr Davin Lim explains this procedure and how it works-‘ miraDry uses safe, electromagnetic energy that is directed to the underarm sweat glands. This energy is converted to heat, and the area is heated to a precise temperature of 67 degrees. This destroys the eccrine units (sweat glands) permanently. A cool applicator protects the upper layers of the skin, whilst local anaesthetic to the area makes this procedure comfortable and well tolerated. Because your body contains millions of eccrine units, treating your armpits will only eliminate 2% of your sweat glands- so you do not need to worry about heat stroke or compensatory/ rebound sweating.

The excessive sweating areas are marked out by the Specialist with your guidance. A guide maker helps the Specialist perform an even number of injections, which ranges from 10-20 sites in each armpit. In some cases we apply numbing cream before the sweat stopping treatments procedure, this makes the treatment pain free.

After injections the areas are compressed with ice packs for 5 minutes, and that’s it! You are right to perform your daily duties, and even exercise a few hours later.

This treatment is well tolerated. Why? Because we use several methods to ensure maximum patient comfort levels. Firstly the in built cooling system protects the upper layers of the skin, additionally we use a local anaesthetic to the area to numb your arm pits. Thirdly, for anxious or needle phobic patients we can give sedation in the form of either laughing gas or mild twilight anaesthesia. miraDry treatment at Westside Laser is as comfortable as you can get.

Treatment takes between 45 minutes to just over an hour, depending on the size of the armpit. Remember, you will require two treatments of miraDry spaced 3 months apart for optimal outcomes.

This treatment is extremely safe, and has been approved by the Australian TGA as well as the US FDA and European CE. Side effects are very rare. Prolonged swelling and redness occurs in less than 5% of patients. Most patients recover within 1-3 days.

This treatment has not been reported to cause rebound or compensatory sweating seen with surgery.

Two treatment sessions are needed to complete the miraDry program - this comes $3695. Unfortunately this is not covered under Medicare, nor it is covered under your Private Health Insurance. The reason for this is the consumables needed to perform this procedure. 

No. miraDry is NOT covered by Medicare, nor is it covered by private health insurance.

* Exceptions are if you hold International Medical insurance. Check with your cover before consulting us.

We are currently requesting that a rebate be considered, but knowing Medicare it may take up to 5-7 years before this is even considered.

Medicare provides a partial rebate for sweat stopping treatments injections to the armpit. This rebate is only applicable to underarm sweating and not sweaty hands. 

Just as a guide -

sweat stopping treatments covered by the NHS (UK)  n 2002

sweat stopping treatments covered by the USA (FDA) in 2007

sweat stopping treatments covered by Australia (TGA) in 2012

Specialists are just as frustrated as patients in regards to Medicare rebates and private insurance coverage.

(Dr Davin Lim’s strong view point on this matter, and not shared by all members of Westside Laser Dermatology nor Sweat Free)


miraDry is a permanent solution whilst sweat stopping treatments is temporary. Once patients complete their miraDry treatment, they will achieve sweat reduction of up to 90% for life! Sweat stopping treatments is an excellent treatment for excessive sweating, but this needs to be repeated every 4-6 months for life.

In most cases both work equally well, however gives you permanent sweat reduction, and one gives you temporary sweat reduction.

The choice comes down to 2 factors- firstly, if you are after a permanent treatment for your underarm sweating- the answer is miraDry. If you want a temporary solution that works very well, AND at an affordable price point to everyone- the choice is sweat stopping treatments. If I can give you a guide-

If you had sweat stopping treatments before and the treatment last 8-12 months- stick with sweat stopping treatments. You will save heaps, as the price of miraDry should go down within the next 5 years. sweat stopping treatments is only 420 dollars out of pocket, and this is repeated possibly once a year.

OK, if you are at the other extreme, and sweat stopping treatments only last 3 -4 months, get miraDry. What you spend on sweat stopping treatments for 3 years, you will get back on your miraDry treatments. We offer payment plans for miraDry to help patients financially. This maybe a cost saving for the HH patient who does not get the longevity of sweat stopping treatments injections.

The above points are guided by Dr Davin S. Lim, the choice of miraDry Vs sweat stopping treatments may vary according to financial situations and individual factors, this view point seems logical but may not be shared by all treating specialists.

You initially requirea assessment by a Dermatologist to ensure your condition will respond to miraDry. On the day of treatment, we allocate at least 2 hours for your treatment and hence payment conditions apply.

To book in for miraDry or for a consultation in regards to this procedure, call (07) 3871 3437.

No. miraDry can ONLY be used to treat sweaty armpits (axillary hyperhidrosis) . It can NOT be used to treat sweaty hands, nor sweaty feet. Why? Because electromagnetic energy delivered to these areas can damage nerves and tendons.


Dr Davin S. Lim

Laser and Cosmetic Dermatologist

I have been waiting for  this treatment since its launch in the USA in 2011. I have been performing anti-sweat treatments for well over 12 years, including sweat stopping treatments injections, but miraDry is the permanent solution for excessive underarm sweaters. No more wet patches, no more needles, no more anticipation for the time sweat stopping treatments wears off- this is not an evolution but a revolution in how we treat patients.
The most grateful patients I have at our practice are miraDry clients. Excessive sweating is greatly underdiagnosed, and poorly treated. miraDry is the provides a permanent solution and can be life changing.