Natural Treatments
for Excessive Sweating

Hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating is a very common condition, and some patients would like to know a little more about natural options available. Treatments include herbs, including St John’s Wort, Sage, castoreum, and argentums. Other natural remedies that may decrease sweating include biofeedback, hypnosis and relaxation techniques. Natural remedies can be trailed for excessive sweating of the hands, feet, underarms and face.

  • Stress increases sweating in everyone, even normal sweaters
  • Some patients with anxiety may benefit from relaxation techniques
  • Herbal therapies include St John’s Wort, Lupulus, and Castoreum
  • Diet can play a role in reducing sweating, especially a caffeine free diet!
  • If drugs such as sweat stopping treatments and tablets don’t suit your life style, treatments such as iontophoresis can be of help



Many patients would like to try natural treatments for excessive sweating prior to medical treatments. The Sweat Free Clinic respects and encourages the use of natural remedies, acknowledging that the success rate for natural treatments is less than 5%.  In general, natural no-sweat treatments are harmless, so if you are keen to try herbs and supplements, here is the list:

St John’s Wort

Reported to decrease excessive sweating. No proven studies, available at most health food shops.


May help with the odour associated with sweating. Available in most health food shops in Brisbane, Ipswich, Gold Coast, Cairns, Mackay and Toowoomba.


Homeopathic remedy with reported calming effects. Has been successful for excessive sweating of the hands and feet.

Nat mur

A natural tonic for sweat glands (eccrine glands) as well as non-sweat glands called apocine glands. Reported to reduce sweat and non-sweat fluid secretions. Several reported cases of reduction in underarm sweating.

Sage Tablets

A tablet supplement of a well known herb that may, in the minority of patients, slight decrease in excessive sweating of the underarms.


Found in Chamomile Tea, maybe sourced in major health food retailers in Brisbane and throughout Queensland.

Biofeedback, relaxation techniques

This non-herbal, non – tablet way of reducing sweat production is the MOST useful way of reducing excessive sweating without the need for tablets.  This method of sweat reduction is available in all Queensland cites via qualified psychologist. Highly recommend natural sweat treatment by the Sweat Free Clinic.


Absolutely! A change of diet can reduce but not eliminate excessive sweat production. A number of chemical including caffeine, Gurana, and Geranium can increase sweat production. Reducing your intake of coffee, tea and most importantly energy drinks can reduce your sweating levels. Remember to keep your fluid levels high and drink lots of water.

Drugs such as antidepressives, thyroid medication and some cold and flu medications (pseudoephidine) can increase your sweat rate.

Note: If you suffer from essential hyperhidrosis of the hand, feet or armpits, changing lifestyle factors such as diet, and de-stressing, can reduce but NOT eliminate excess sweating. The vast majority of patients will need help with medical treatments to reduce sweating to an acceptable level.

If natural treatments are effective you will NOT need to visit a Specialist!

Natural treatments such as herbal supplements including camomile, St John’s Wort, Nat Mur, and Argentum do not require a prescription, and in general are side effect free.  They are readily available through major health food stores in Brisbane and other cities in Queensland.

Remember to check with your GP or chemist in regards to potential interactions if you are taking other medications!

Our role as Specialists at the Sweat Free Clinic is to give patients options for their sweat treatments, including natural remedies. Medical treatments such as Iontophoresis, sweat stopping treatments,  ETS surgery and anti-sweating lotions such as DRICLOR have a higher success rate than natural remedies, but if patients would like to consider the use of natural treatments, we do encourage the use of herbal supplements prior to visiting us. Of all the natural remedies, biofeedback and relaxation techniques work the best!

If you are highly stressed, discuss methods to reduce stress with your General Practitioner.

The Sweat Free Clinic can give some helpful tips for implementing natural resources for ways to stop sweating, keep the following points in mind:

Try the natural remedies listed above, most ingredients can be obtained through health food shops in Brisbane, Toowoomba, Gold Coast,  and other major Queensland cities such as Cairns, Townsville, Mackay and Ipswich.

Discuss with your GP or your health care professional regarding the potential interactions with these herbal no sweat supplements and any medication you maybe taking.\

Discuss with your GP or a psychologist ways that you may de-stress. Remember that EVERYONE sweats more when stress levels are high. Managing stress via biofeedback, medication, meditation and talking to someone may decrease sweating in stressful situations.

Our clinic deals with medical provision of sweat treatments, however can refer suitable patients for non-medical sweat treatments. Examples include referral to psychologist to help you de-stress and relax, and in some situations, our Specialists will work in with your GP to help you manage anxiety.

We respect the wishes of individuals who would like to try a more natural solution for sweat reduction. Should you like to try natural herbal treatments for excessive sweating, we suggest you use our list and visit a health food store.

Many patients oversee the importance of stress management and relaxation techniques. Stress causes everyone to sweat more, even ‘normal’ sweaters, and exponentially increases sweating in excessive sweaters. Learning to manage stress can help alleviate the signs of excess sweat, and also improve your health and quality of life. If stress is an issue, our clinic will work in with your GP to help you learn to relax. Some patients will also benefit from relaxation techniques, and psychological review.

Remember, for the majority of patients with excessive sweating, managing stress with reduce, but not eliminate sweating.

The Sweat Free Clinic will have a solution for your sweat problems if natural remedies don’t work. Our clinic can employ methods such as Iontophoresis, prescription antiperspirants, and sweat stopping treatments injections to help you.

Book in for an assessment with our Specialist Hyperhidrosis Clinician to discuss medical ways to decrease your sweating.  A solution is always available.

Nigel Harris

Specialist Hyperhidrosis Nurse Practitioner

Sweat Free Clinics

The use of natural remedies for excessive sweating is acknowledged and encouraged by the team at Sweat Free Clinic. The most promising non-medical/ no-prescription method is psychological assistance, this include relaxation techniques, yoga, and biofeedback. Our Specialists encourage and endorse this method, however as Dermatologists we are not qualified to perform these procedures.  Discuss these methods with a psychologist if stress is a contributing factor for sweating.

Natural herbal supplements can work in the minority of patients, and in general are safe to try.

Medical treatments provided at the Sweat Free Clinic have success rates of up to 95%, so if you are open to suggestions, we are there to help.