Dr Davin Lim has been Australia’s first doctor to be trained in miraDry.

miraDry training completed in Singapore under the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine (AAAM) International

Dr Davin Lim has completed miraDry training ahead of the Australian launch for this extraordinary and life changing experience. Due to the typical red tape of health politics, Australia remains as the last country in the World to receive health board clearance for miraDry.

The US FDA cleared its use in 2011, Asian countries such as Japan, and Singapore followed the next year, and all European Countries, including the UK followed there after. Hopefully Australia will grant medical clearance by mid 2014. Until then, sufferers of axillary or underarm sweating can benefit from Botox injections under Medicare. (this last between 4-7 months)

Dr Davin Lim states the following facts following training on the use of miraDry-

  1. The procedure: relatively quick and well tolerated. Local numbing cream should ideally be used prior to local anaesthetic. Once this is done, pain is not an issue. Most patients that we did rate the pain as 1-2 out of ten. If you are anxious, I suggest taking an anti-anxiety tablet.
  2. The downtime:  I believe the down time is slightly longer than what is advertised on the miradry websites. Some patients experience swelling and redness that may last 2-4 days. Definitely no exercise for 72 hours post. Still miraDry is considered a minor procedure- comparable to a light laser treatment.
  3. The success: is amazing- 94% of patients are thrilled by this procedure. Standard protocol dictates 2 procedures, but most patients notice sweat reduction within 24 hours.
  4. The price: there will definitely be a price increase for this procedure, we are pricing it a $3,695 for the treatment. This still makes Australia one of the cheapest countries to get miraDry. Japan pricing, $5500, Singapore, $4500, and the US at $3200-3700. The increased pricing is due to TGA setbacks, the falling Australian dollar and the increase in consumables- namely miraDry tips- costing over $1100 per treatment cycle to buy!

I can’t wait for the machine to get clearance - we’ve got it in our hands, and its ready to go. Come on TGA, stamp the approval like all the other countries. Countdown going, and we will keep you informed.

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