Ionto Online course
for Sweaty Hands & Feet

This is the online version of our highly successful Ionto Dry Course, designed as a teleconsultation course with our Specialist team. We combine state of the art iontophoresis machines with special glyco solution tailored to YOUR sweat pattern. The online course has a similar efficacy as our Ionto Dry Course, however all virtual visits are conducted via teleconsultations at the convenience of your own home.

This online course is open to all patients, Nationally and Internationally. Over 4-6 weeks, we will find the correct ionto settings for your sweaty hands or feet treatment. We have helped hundreds of patients all over Australia, and Internationally. This course is developed by Specialist Dermatologists, and it works!

  • This is only suitable for sweaty hands and feet
  • You need to have a compatible iontophoresis machine
  • We supply a special solution to add to your iontophoresis- sent by mail
  • Our Specialists will guide you over 4-6 weeks to find the optimal treatment protocols
  • Home treatments are conducted every 4-7 days
  • Each treatment is supervised via Skype Conferencing
  • This program has a success rate of 90% for sweaty hands
  • Once your parameters are set, you continue treatment as needed
  • Life time support is provided for fine tuning your sweat control
  • This is a Specialist course, designed by a team of Consultant Dermatologist and is conduced to the highest medical standards
  • This is a tailored course that is individualized to your sweat pattern
  • With out doubt, this is the best solution for patients who suffer from sweaty hands or feet



Yes. This online tele-conferencing course is ideally suited for interstate and International patients.

The course content is provided online, with regular video conferencing with our Specialist Hyperhidrosis Nurse Educator. A series of 4-6 video conferencing sessions are usually needed to guide patients with treatments.

The very first step is to obtain a compatible IONTOPHORESIS machine. This has to be a medically prescribed unit, with an accurate way of measuring amps (current) as well as a timer. We will advise you in regards to which is the best unit to purchase for this course.

Once you enrol in the course, we will mail you an Ionto Glyco Pack. This pack contains a special solution of Glyco. This solution is specific and based you're your age, weight, sweat pattern, sweat location, sweat severity, and skin sensitivity. The use of this solution coupled with iontophoresis is done online, most often with Skype conferencing. The first session will take approximately 30 minutes.

Most patients will require between 4-6 sessions to fine tune treatments. Once your ionto-glyco protocols are optimised, you have completed the course!

We also provide free lifetime online support to help you with any questions you may have after the course.

Each patient will have their own Hyperhidrosis Educator from start to end of the course. In most cases, you will have a Skype Video Conference at least once a week, for 4-6 weeks. Each video conference last between 10- 20 minutes. You can always email your Specialist in between treatments.

Most patients will notice a significant improvement with only one treatment! Some patients may need a few more treatments to notice sweat reduction.

We have a higher success rate on hands than on feet.

Using a personalised and carefully guided program under the guidance of our Specialists, we can have up to 90 % success.

75% excellent response (sweating reduced to a significant point)

15% moderate to good response (sweating reduced to mild to moderate degree)

10% poor response (sweating minimal to no improvement)

We cannot predict which category you will be in.  However if you get a response within the first 2 sessions, there is a good chance that you will continue to improve.

In general 4-6 treatments are needed for optimal results.

There is a very fine balance between the time of intophoresis, the intervals between treatments, the amps or current used, the concentration of glycopyrrolate, and the side effects of treatment. Our Specialist Educator will guide you through out the course.

Side effects are very mild providing you follow our guidelines.

With iontophoresis you will feel a very mild, but tolerable ‘shock’, however at no time should there be any pain.

Uncommon side effects (less than 5% of cases):

Dryness of hands (that’s a good thing)


Red areas along the waterline- this can be easily prevented

Dry mouth (lasting less than 2 hours)

Very rare side effects (less than 2%)

Blurred vision - usually last less than 2 hours

Excessive tiredness - usually less than 4hours

If these side effects occur, too much chemicals are entering your system, and the dose, amplitude, time or absorption will need to be changed. We will guide you.

Some patients are excluded from this course including -

Children under the age of 8

Pregnant women

If you have a pace maker

If you have cardiac problems (heart beat irregularities)

If you have glaucoma (raised pressure in your eyes)

No. This course is NOT A CURE for your sweaty hands or feet, however this is the best treatment currently available. You will need to continue with iontophoresis until your sweating stops. A minority patients experience a reduction in the intensity of sweating after 50 year old, however it is impossible to predict if you will fall into this group.

The average user will need to spend 10 minutes per week to maintain dryness. 10 minutes per week is less time than you spend brushing your teeth!

The online course is $699.  This course provides -

A minimum of 4 glyco-iontophoresis treatments (spaced between 4-7 days apart)- we supply the solution for the course and guide you with each treatment.

Tailored regime of timings, amps, intervals to determine the optimal sweat-free duration.

Life-time email support

Life time subsidised glycopyrrolate solutions

You will need to have a suitable IONTOPHORESIS machine. (We can supply you with a recommended iontophoresis unit for a special online price if you require one)

Payment terms -

Credit Card or Bank Deposit

Full amount must be made prior to commencing the course. For more information on payments email or call +61 7 3871 34 37.

Compounded glycopyrrolate solution- price available from pharmacy who dispense your script. 

One bottle will last at least 5 treatments. The average patient will require one treatment every 7-14 days. The average patient will spend $48 every 4-8 weeks to maintain dry hands and feet. Up to 50% of the cost may be covered under Private Health Insurance, depending on your level of cover.

Sweat Free is an experienced association of professionals who specifically deal in hyperhidrosis. This course has been developed and fine tuned for the past 20 years as an onsite course. Given success rates of over 90%, we have decided to launch the online course, based exactly on the onsite course.

We have helped thousands of hyperhidrosis patients Nationally and Internationally. This Online Ionto Course is designed and supervised by Specialists with years of experience in dealing with hyperhidrosis.

Iontophoresis with glyco has a long safety record, and if used in a tailored approach, is effective in over 90% of cases. There are no side effects such as rebound sweating or surgical complications.

If you require more information on the online course, please call Christa Bolton on + 61 7 3871 34 37. Sweat Free head office is based in Brisbane, Australia. GMT +10 hours

Or contact

"Best decision of my life…this 4 week course has changed my life. If you have sweaty hands this is well worth the investment" Michael T, Austin Texas

"Awesome support from Nigel. I had 6 Skype conferences and he guided me all the way. One treatment every 8 days and I’m dry." Siew Lee, Singapore

"I thought surgery was the only option, but this is life changing. No one understands sweaty hands unless you suffer from it. Just do it." Wei Tang, Singapore

"Can’t be happier with this online course. This is EDUCATION at it’s best. Support all the way thru. First treatment – first time I had dry hands in my entire life. 15 minutes every week and it’s under control. Highly recommended." Sandeep K, Malaysia