Age 31

My sweating stared around 13. I was in grade 8. I remembered my hands being sticky, then the sweating stared in the underarms in grade 10. Funny enough my hands got better, but my underarm sweating got worse. I tried all the things from the chemist, but the lotions, roll-ons and sprays didn’t work at all. I had so many of my favourite shirts and suits ruined from sweating. I was frequently at the dry cleaners every other week. I stared with sweat stopping treatments injections 2 years ago, and come to Brisbane every 7 months for a top up. The Medicare listing has made a real difference- its almost a $1000 saving. Well worth it if you suffer from bad underarm sweating.

Specialist comment

Geraldine’s case is somewhat unusual in the sense that her hands got better with time. A significant percentage of patients who suffer from sweaty hands will also have sweaty underarms. Regardless of severity and onset we recommend patients follow the ‘treatment ladder’. This involves trying out over the counter antiperspirants such as Rexona and Driclor. A significant percentage of mild hyperhidrosis will respond to this simple treatment. Patients who suffer from moderate to severe sweating will usually need Specialist intervention. Now that injections for sweating are covered under Medicare, it makes this an affordable treatment for everyone.

(Note: Reimbursement applies if this procedure is carried out by Specialists accredited by Medicare to perform this procedure.)

Dr Davin S. Lim

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