Sweat Stories:
School Blues

Suzanna A. from Cairns - Age 22

Sweaty hands since grade 8… that’s what I remember. It took me so much more time to get stuff done, exams especially. Paper use to be soaked, and the keyboard had to be repaired cause of the sweat. The mouse use to slip in my hand. Not a good feeling. No one in Cairns really knew what to do, but after seeing the guys at Sweat Free in Brisbane, I decided to go for surgery, and it really worked. I should have got this done years ago.

Specialist comment

Palmar hyperhidrosis affects 2-3% of the population. It is often under diagnosed, and under treated by many doctors. We encourage patients to try the following before any surgical procedures. Firstly, use DRICLOR, secondly see a Dermatologist for iontophoresis or try some compounded anti-sweating creams to the hands. ETS surgery has a very high success rate for sweaty hands, however side effects such as compensatory sweating need to be considered.


Phil L. from Mackay - Age 16

Simple tasks like doing homework is a million times harder with sweaty hands. Can’t hold a pen, I stuff up my textbooks, and the mouse is full of sweat. No one really understands until you suffer from sweaty hands. I don’t hold hands with chicks, I never shake hands, I don’t high five…

Sweat Free has provided me with a simple method of treating my sweaty palms. Glyco ionto works, yeah, it’s a pain in the ar*e spending 20 minutes every two weeks to treat my hands, but unless you have sweaty hands, you wouldn’t understand.

Specialist comment

Sweaty hands has a massive impact on all aspects of teenage life, including schooling, bonding with the opposite sex and confidence. Most cases of palmar hyperhidrosis start in the early teens, in the majority of cases persists into adult life. Mild cases respond to Driclor or tap water iontophoresis. More severe cases respond well to glyco ionto. Iontophoresis is not a cure for sweaty hands, however 80% of patients respond to this simple and risk free treatment.


Jake O. from Gold Coast - Age 18

Sweaty armpits is not a good way to start O Week at university. Needless to say I looked like a Goth dressed in black. By the way, for all those who have no idea in regards to bad underarm sweating- that’s the colour of choice. During high school I tried the usual stuff like chemist deodorants and Driclor. Nothing worked. I gave up.  Then I gave injections a go when it was on Medicare.

I wasn’t going to spend over a grand, but Sweat Free Specialists provided treatments at a super price. I get 3-4 months out of each treatment. I know the average underarm sweater gets 6 months, but I can’t complain cause it works.

Specialist comment

Most patients will receive at least 5-6 months of underarm sweat relief with injections. Having said that, some patients only receive 2 months remission, whilst others have 9 months. I cannot determine the remission rate without the performing the procedure first. The success rate is in the order of 95%, and most patients will have a marked reduction in underarm sweating within the first two weeks of treatment. The recent Medicare and PBS listing has helped many student afford this simple, yet effective procedure.


Scott M. from Sunshine Coast - Age 18

Sweaty feet really sucks. I leave footprints all over the house. My folks had to change the carpet in the corridor cause I wrecked it over 3 years. I slip in my thongs all the time. My sneakers smell. My GPs don’t understand the stuff I go thru on a daily basis. I wake up dry, but by breaky I’m already sweating. My sweating is 50% better with iontophoresis, it’s not all gone, but it’s easier to live with. Thanks to the team at Sweat Free for making my life easier to manage- however a cure for sweaty feet will be good! Don’t get me wrong, I’m stoked with the results.

Specialist comment

Sweaty feet is very difficult to treat. Living on the Sunshine Coast or the Gold Coast doesn’t help as sand will stick to the soles. It’s like walking on sand after dipping in the ocean.

Basic rules apply. Always wear cotton socks and change frequently. Have a few pairs handy. Thorlo socks are great, supplement with Summer Soles. Foot hygiene is very important. I like using simple Condy’s soaks to treat associated pitted keratolysis. I limit the use of old fashioned Formaldehyde soaks, as irritation and allergies can occur. Tap water ionto or glyco ionto can provide relief for the majority of patients. Very difficult condition to treat, but solutions are readily available.


Drew S. from Toowoomba - Age 15

I started sweating at the age of 8 or 9. I can’t remember when it first started, its wasn’t like I woke up one day and had sweaty hands, it kind of happened gradually. Over time it really bothered me, believe it or not the worse thing was that my playstation hand controller kept slipping, and I couldn’t play games, but seriously, my school work didn’t go so good. I couldn’t write stuff down without the ink smudging.

Specialist comment

Drew’s case is not unique, in fact up to 2% of children will have this condition, and most will go undiagnosed and untreated. Early identification that a child has this problem is important. Treatments such as topical Driclor can be effective in minor cases, whilst iontophoresis can help the majority of cases. Sweaty hands has a HUGE impact on school work, social development , especially in developing confidence in the teens, and of course holding the Playstation controller!


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