Age 18

Sweaty feet really sucks. I leave footprints all over the house. My folks had to change the carpet in the corridor cause I wrecked it over 3 years. I slip in my thongs all the time. My sneakers smell. My GPs don’t understand the stuff I go thru on a daily basis. I wake up dry, but by breaky I’m already sweating. My sweating is 50% better with iontophoresis, it’s not all gone, but it’s easier to live with. Thanks to the team at Sweat Free for making my life easier to manage- however a cure for sweaty feet will be good! Don’t get me wrong, I’m stoked with the results.

Specialist comment

Sweaty feet is very difficult to treat. Living on the Sunshine Coast or the Gold Coast doesn’t help as sand will stick to the soles. It’s like walking on sand after dipping in the ocean.

Basic rules apply. Always wear cotton socks and change frequently. Have a few pairs handy. Thorlo socks are great, supplement with Summer Soles. Foot hygiene is very important. I like using simple Condy’s soaks to treat associated pitted keratolysis. I limit the use of old fashioned Formaldehyde soaks, as irritation and allergies can occur. Tap water ionto or glyco ionto can provide relief for the majority of patients. Very difficult condition to treat, but solutions are readily available.

Nigel Harris, Specialist Hyperhidrosis Nurse

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