Antiperspirants remain the first line treatment for excessive sweating or hyperhidrosis treatments, in fact they can be used anywhere on the body, including the face, hands, feet and underarms. Antiperspirants are the least invasive and most inexpensive method of treating excessive sweat. They are most effective in mild cases of sweating.

Facts on antiperspirants for excessive sweating

  • Antiperspirants work by blocking the sweat duct, decreasing sweat output
  • They can be used to treat axillary (underarm), palmar, plantar as well as facial sweating
  • Higher concentrations of active ingredients such as aluminium chloride hexahydrate work best
  • High concentrations can also result in skin irritation
  • Correct application of antiperspirants will result in less skin rashes
  • Antiperspirants work best for mild excessive sweating

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