Iontophoresis treatment for excessive sweating can be successful in up to 80% of cases. This is a safe treatment for sweating of the hands and feet. Iontophoresis uses water to conduct a tiny electrical current, which in turn decreases sweat production. Most patients will require several treatments to see if iontophoresis works for them.

Iontophoresis in brief

  • This treatment is ideal for excessive sweating of the hands and feet
  • The success rate varies between 60-80%
  • It works by blocking sweat glands with minerals passed thru an electrical current via an Iontophoresis machine
  • A trial period of at least 28 days should be performed to see if this treatment is successful
  • We can combine treatments with creams, tablets and formulations within the water solution if your sweating is resistant to iontophoresis
  • Addition of glycopyrrolate into the solution can increase the effectiveness of iontophoresis
  • Once sweating stops, iontophoresis can be dialled back to once to twice a fortnight

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